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FAQs on LAND: How is land ownership classified in Kenya?

Land is without doubt one of the most emotive issue within the Kenyan society today. This has unfortunately threatened to overshadow its greatest role; the most important factor of production. According to the National Lands Commission, despite 80% of our population relying on agriculture, only 20% of the land mass comprises arable land [land capable […]

Relief for ‘bulldozer threatened’ landlords

It is a huge sigh of relief for landlords whose properties were earmarked for demolition by the National Construction Authority (NCA) after the National Assembly withdrew a bill that granted the agency power to bring down the structures across the counties. The members of parliament now want some sections of the Business Laws (Amendment) Bill, […]

Land purchase in Kenya. Mandatory LEGAL Steps!

Types of Land Ownership There are two types of estate ownership of land in Kenya; freehold and leasehold. Freehold This is absolute ownership of land as besides municipal rates, no other taxes are levied. The municipal rates are determined by the unimproved site value of the land. Leasehold In most cases, the land is owned […]

Mind some Land? Facts first!

The sensitivity of Land as a subject in Kenya……. Crimes revolving around Land acquisition in Kenya have been some of the most complex assignments by the judicial system since independence having started almost immediately after the colonial government. This is the same time that land injustices started being experienced in various parts of the country […]

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