ARDHI SASA! What the new Lands Information Management System (LIMS) Entails

ARDHI SASA! What the new Lands Information Management System (LIMS) Entails

Everyone in need of any land transactions at the Nairobi Land Registry is now required to access the services online as the Ministry of Lands is now fully digital in Nairobi.

The ministry has now shifted operations onto the new Lands Information Management System (LIMS), a process started in 2018 with an intention to ease management of land records and transactional services. This, according the Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney will ensure efficiency, security and transparent operations in the lands sector.

The launching of the system means that Ardhi House will no longer accept manual land documents at the Nairobi Registry as they will do away with manual land transactions. The city registry will also close all its manual registers.

Services that have been moved online

  1. Transfer of ownership
  2. Issuance of consent
  3. Valuation requests
  4. Payment & issuance of land rent clearance certificate.
  5. Payments of stamp duty
  6. Registration & consent fees
  7. Application and withdrawal of caution/caveats/restrictions
  8. Registration of land documents and searches

The development of LIMS has been a priority for the government in the belief that a digital land management system will seal loopholes in land registration and transfer process that have allowed duplication of land titles.

Targeted achievements?

  1. Enhance investor confidence through reduced timelines in registering property
  2. Protecting investors and property owners from fraudulent land transactions.
  3. Improve service delivery by dealing with missing documents, failed file tracking system, tattered records in the land registries and long timelines of service delivery.
  4. Smoothen government operations by linking it to external service providers including Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the National Lands Commission, banks, and other key institutions involved in land matters.
  5. LIMs will minimize land fraud by making it easy to detect changes or alterations.


One can register as an individual or as a company.


  1. How does one register?

    1. Log into and you will see all icons to register

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