Diaspora Voices. Peniel’s Journey of Growth with Sky Plus Agencies LTD

Diaspora Voices. Peniel’s Journey of Growth with Sky Plus Agencies LTD

The Real Estate sector has over time become a key attraction for investors for Kenya and globally. Kenyans living in the diaspora have often fallen victim to scammers who take advantage of their extended absence. This has left many of them counting losses running into millions of shillings, some in the hands of relatives.

Mr. Penial Mugo, a Kenyan living in the USA for over a decade has a different experience altogether thanks to his partnership with Sky Plus Agencies LTD. Through the guidance of the Real Estate Company that has been running his investments for over 2 years, he has been able to consistently build on his portfolio in Real Estate spread across the country.

“My experience with Sky Plus has been impressive in the way they do their business. You know trust is very important especially when one is away and you are always worried about what is happening with your property but Sky Plus has given me confidence due to their transparent style of doing business. They also advise you on the best places of investing,” he affirms.

Many are times, investors are locked out of great opportunities due to insufficient funds. Sky Plus Agencies plays a pivotal role in providing financial advice and connecting investors to reliable financiers with favourable terms who help in funding the process of acquiring the property. The potential financiers connected with Sky Plus Agencies have the lowest interest rates and have great amortization.

Accountability is an essential element in business. Sky Plus Agencies has streamlined accounts that showcase their transparency and every aspect is accounted for. Mr Mugo has gained the trust of the agency due to their open communication channel and he is ready to acquire more property as time goes.

“Sky Plus can keep you informed on what is happening in the country. Financing of projects is not easy and one needs sound advice. The company is very good in these areas and they can always advise on where to seek some financing,” he adds.

Sky Plus Agencies is a Real Estate Company engaged in Property and Projects Management, Sales, Letting, Renovations and Financing Advisory. Like the walk with Mr Mugo, the company has replicated these services to many clients in Kenya and worldwide.

“We not only help you identify your property but we walk with you through the acquisition process and ensure that it is smooth. Once the property is acquired, Sky Plus Agencies will manage it and ensure high maintenance for durability and complete Return on Investment,” Elijah Muthuri – Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Sky Plus Agencies LTD.

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