We provide professional services in the following areas


Our accounts office provides monthly reports on property maintenance/repairs, tenancy levels, credits, and debits brought forward, arrears among other issues. Details of the name and location of the property, period for which the payments were done, date, and receipt numbers are also reflected in the monthly statements. Our firm provides property management services as below:

  • Rent Collection
  • Tenant Leases Reports/Property Accounts
  • Payments Receipting
  • Billing
  • We oversee general maintenance and security for properties.


Our company undertakes letting/leasing assignments for both new and old residential and commercial developments. The company also takes instructions from clients to sell and source properties on their behalf. Our business networks help us to target the best properties. We work with you towards attaining the best price for your property.


Several considerations need to be made while purchasing land or a plot for development. We walk hand in hand with our clients to ensure that they get value for money by settling on the best deals. Sky Plus Agencies also provides details on the availability and the price range for various pieces of land for sale.


Leave the dirt to us and let us convert your property investment dream to reality. Whether residential or commercial, our experts will be your eyes on the ground and run around for you. We will be fully accountable through the development process.


We have partnered with a variety of financial institutions which provides our clients with a wide choice to unlock their investment journey and help realize their real estate investment dream. These institutions step in at affordable rates and invest in your vision while offloading all stress from your shoulders. We keep a keen eye to ensure that you get the best rates with comfortable repayment and engagement terms. Relax!

Our main role as tax consultants is to check and ensure that you are paying only the taxes that you are supposed to; no more no less and that you keep abreast with the ever-changing tax laws and provisions.

Our tax department recognizes that taxation has a myriad of areas on which to offer tax compliance services/advisory. These areas include but not limited to;

  • Corporate tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Withholding Tax (WHT)
  • Stamp Duty
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT

The range of services provided by our tax division includes:

  1. Reviewing of accounting systems and determining that there is sufficient compliance with all tax requirements.
  2. Computing and advising on year-end Corporate Taxes payable and due dates of submission.
  3. Tax advisory on Stamp Duty in case of land purchase or transfer of shares
  4. Review and filing of monthly VAT returns on the supply of taxable goods or services
  5. Review chargeable withholding tax (WHT) which is deducted at source from various sources of income
  6. Review of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) which is chargeable on the whole of a gain that accrues to a taxable person on the transfer of property situated in Kenya
  7. Completing and submitting statutory tax returns of companies and individuals on the due dates.
  8. Review annual Pay as You Earn (PAYE) returns followed by submission on due dates
  9. Unlimited telephone support on various tax matters arising from unique transactions of an entity


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